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    Mini Warriors Three Kingdoms android, ios hack codes

    Zhang Jiao of Julu met Nanhua Immortal while gathered herbs in the mountain and was given three scrolls of immortal book, "the Essence of Peace". Zhang Jiao perused and learned the wisdom of Taoism, and called himself peace taoist. Zhang Jiao's evil motive brewed that he called himself the Heavenly General and divided His toiiowers into thirty six armies. He colluded with the eunuchs to rebel in midnight, which initialed a chaotic era. The royal influence was diminishing and various governors were inclined for independence. The people prayed for an heroic leader to eradicate the yellow turbans to save the emperor and the country. Several noble men were seeking to serve worthy.

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    Welcome game Mini Warriors Three Kingdoms! Heroes emerged from everywhere. The yellow turbans were under siege and had been retreating. Soon Zhang Jiao and brothers were missing. Sir, you have also rallied warriors in battles with the rebellion armies. The yellow Turbans were being annihilated. The warrior sought to grow their power to dominate the territories. New wars began. The profound people were living away from the chaos waiting for the right time to act.

    We all recommend the officer of the highest intelligence in the army to consults for military and political affairs as the Adviser. Building peasant homes brings tax revenue which is one of the main sources of coins. To upgrade buildings can boost fame of military forces hence improve the monarch level.

    Heroes Mini Warriors Three Kingdoms:
    CaiYan - A daughter o( Cai Yong, Cai Yan was well versed in poetry, melody and calligraphy. After hei first husband died, she was kept as a captive by the Xiongnu nomads until Cao Cao paid a heavy ransom to bring her back to Han territory and married her to Dong Si. The famous guqin piece Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute is traditionally attributed to her.
    Elite Knight - Mounted on fine horses, the advanced cavalry equipped with iron corselets can increase their general's attack. Adviser - The civil officials in official robes can greatly reduce an enemy infantry's healing with the bamboo clapper. Vine Armor - The advanced maulers equipped with vine armor are able to taken on a greater amount of melee troops alone.

    Secrets cheat gameplay L Mini Warriors Three Kingdoms android bug codes: you can appoint heroes in the general platform to assist with your conquest. With this powerful general on board, your forces are strengthened. One lancers troop can effectively restrain the raid of a cavalry troop. Lancers should be arrayed opposite to the enemy Cavalry forces. The cavalry can effectively raid on the enemy ranged troops in the rear from the side. Ranged troops are incapable when it comes to a melee. As part of the ranged troops, archers are weak in defence. Place them behind maulers to avoid head-on confrontation. One mauler troop can effectively restrain two enemy units. It is a wise deployment to restrain two enemy cavalry units with one mauler troop. One lancer troop can only resist strikes from one enemy unit. When more than one cavalry troops are charging at the same time, lancers should be placed away to raid other enemy forces.

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