The Prince Billy Bob
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    One day, middle-aged, unemployed Billi-bob finds a cool mediaval helmet. So of course he tries it on. Holy god, the helmet's stuck. Accepting his fate, Billi bob decides to become a knight. Would you look at that, a dungeon! He , though scared, charges into the dungeon.

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    This dungeon is my battlefield. Leave the fight to me! Just buy weapons and open treasures. Onwards to floor 1000! Enchance weapons The Prince Billy Bob with coins to quickly proceed in the dungeon.

    Start a quest with coins. The first quest is catch rats. Quests are not affected by the battle goins on above, and the quest is cleared once the time gauge. When the buton turns red, you can choose to auto-proceed quests. Monsters dropped a key! Keys are items needed to open treasures. This treasure increases attack power by 15%. Lets's open it with a key The Prince Billy Bob. Before anyone else does! Clearing dungeons earns you gems. Seems like gems can be used in different ways. Gems can be purchased in the store as well. So visit the store when you need more gems!
    If you ever get confused, look at the 'How to play' in the menu. lastly, when you get a new device or reset your device, make sure to save your data in menu, save/load.

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    • bjX0XB - increases attack power by 1500%;
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