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    iRIUM android, ios hack codes

    Hello. You must be the new team leader. I am Iris, a new coming assistant assigned to you. Sir? How did you get into the HQ? You must have studied hard, even if you have other qualifications. IRIUM is a place where the artists' souls and humans coexist. It's the star most favored by God. Inners are the fragments of the souls who love the arts of creation. Ivans are the fragments of the souls who love the arts of destruction.

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    Welcome game iRIUM! In the beginning, humans harmoniously coexisted with both Inners and Ivans and advanced the civilization by balancing creation and destruction. But as the civilization advanced, diverse idealism gained importance and friction started to arise between the groups with conflicting idealism. This friction escalated to war, and even though the various idealisms have unified to 2 after many years of war, the peace has not vet returned to the world.
    However, the God iRIUM continued to look down upon them with a benevolent smile on his face. At the moment, the force who succeeded Inner's belief and value of placing creation through freedom is engaged in fierce war against the force who succeeded Ivan's belief and value of revolution through destruction. Inners are spread all throughout iRIUM under the protection of HQ. But Ivans are burrowed up in underground caves and are increasing their forces through secret sects. As the life in the world become more and more difficult with increasing environmental problems among others, a new term, Hell IRIUM is coined and there are increasing number of Inners who seek revolution and wants to side with Ivans. What is true art? Can good and evil be distinguished? And what does God truly want?

    Secrets cheat gameplay iRIUM android bug codes: Inner is a fragment of the past artist's soul.
    Under normal circumstances, Inner doesn't have any special power and looks just normal. But when it is selected by a human with strong mentality, it also becomes very powerful. And you are one of those humans.
    Tap the button with matching musical note on the right timing. Result is based on your timing. You can get bonus EXP based on the result.

    Tips Irium: Interception failure costs penalty. Round and turn info is displayed at the bottom. Do not tap any button on a blank note. By default, Inner attacks the opponent on the same position. position by tapping the Change button when note comes out. Slide the button in the direction indicated on the note. Action is engaged in the order of Inner with highest DEX. There are 4 Elements in IRIUM, and their correlations is as shown above. Hold down on the button in length equal to the space until the next note. If your timer's element is stronger than the opponent's element,
    up arrow is displayed. If weaker, then down arrow is displayed. You can stop the battle any time by tapping Pause.
    Hold down the button with the same shape as the note and tap on other button in correct timing. Use different skills and characteristics to win the battle!

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