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    Guardian Soul android, ios hack codes

    Since its inception, Merdalin has become the greatest civilization. Invasion by the 4 evil lords from the 3rd Dimension and ruthless attack by the monsters was fended off by archmage Eries and the guardians. However, the guardians began to walk the path of corruption, and Eries sealed the guardians at various locations throughout the continent. Peace was short lived. The 4 vicious lords opened the dimensional gate and invaded Merdalin once again.
    Now the story of the guardians' adventure and their great battles to fend off the invasion begins.

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    Welcome game Guardian Soul! You must be the new commander. You couldn't have
    come at a better time. We are in a grave situation. The four lords have crossed the Realm of Dimension and have started their invasion. While conventional games let's you just watch your hero attack, the TAP Attack feature gets you to participate directly in the attack action. Just TAP on a guardian to restore its HP. Protect ranged dealers with TAP attack skill. They will repay you with victory. There is a party formation that can maximize melee dealers.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Guardian Soul android bug codes: Magic attack type guardians can inflict explosive skill damage. With TAP Critical Blow, you can turn the battle tide in your favor. TAP Critical Blow is very powerful, but it heavily consumes your TAP Gauge. By the way, don't forget that 5 on the gauge is recovered every time you eliminate a monster. You can earn large amount of diamonds by ranking up in Rank Battle. Select a guardian, then drag your finger to the monster you wish to attack. This prompts the guardian to attack the designated monster.

    Tips Guardian Soul: The most dangerous monster in a battle is the dealer attack type in the rear. If you eliminate the dealers in rear first, then the battle will be in your favor. If you drag the tanker guardian to the rear, this will turn the monsters' attention to another guardian. Use the Move Guardian command to strategically position your guardians. Ranged dealer engages powerful attack from the rear. Aid guardian provides various assistance in battle.

    Heroes Guardian Soul: Lohan Obell - This guardian's skills are all attack type, and is recommended for players who enjoy exciting action-oriented game play. Nitta - This guardian has HP recovery skill as the third skill, and is recommended for players who enjoy stable game play. Aria - Physical Attack Type Dealer. This character shoots multiple guided arrows, and is recommended for players who prefer easy control. Dranis - Magic Attack Type Dealer General attack is weak but possesses powerful attack skill. This character is recommended for players who enjoy strategic battle. Jean - Aid guardian has skills with beneficial effects. This character is recommended for players who enjoy maneuvering and strategic battles. Amazoness - This guardian's role is to support the tanker. This guardian can summon and provide additional tank character, and is recommended for players who enjoy.

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