hacking Knight Crush
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    Hacked Knight Crush android, ios

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    Knight Crush android, ios hack codes

    The city gate has fallen... The Pope has retreated under the protection of the Paladins. Master, we should fall back too, backing up the Pope! Connect red energy to release the offensive Skills and destroy undead minions! Use defensive skills to keep better guard. Connect blue energy to release defensive skills. Connect purple energy to release the ultimate skill.

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    Welcome game Knight Crush! Elementalist, Crusader, Galeman, Priest - they were all brought into this hellhole. They must be somewhere near. The night rogue is great in the central row, with great attack power, but low defenses. Protect the night rogue to ensure victory! Use the night rogue's ultimate skill to silence enemys. When there are purple energy, connect them to trigger the ultimate skill! The elementalist is good in the back line, her attacks can hit multiple targets. Take care to keep her from falling under enemy's control.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Knight Crush android bug codes: event dungeon, will not use stamina. Recharge golds and monthly card to increase vip experience. Trade in arena points to get purple rings from the merchant. When enemies are numerous, use the mage's ultimate skill to sweep them away. The Galeman is a good central row fighter, whose skills with the blade are unrivaled. The blade can severely damage back line troops, which otherwise would be quite a nuisance.

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