hacking Legend Wars 2
  • Cheats, hack Legend Wars 2: coins, coupons, offline, rare monsters, summon, case of gold, gem crystal. Hacked game Legend Wars 2 bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Legend Wars 2 android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
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    • bonus codes — lokuyt;

    • offline — oiu8it;

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    • summon free — cdfret;

    • case of gold — Knde3w.

    Legend Wars 2 android, ios hack codes

    Welcome to the world of Legend Wars! Congratulation! You're selected to the battle of God. Just your call was more than the reference value by recording the 81,5 micron. It's really great over the outline as production class! It's been a long time! My name is cheat-on, and i'm the angel being in charge of the competition. Now, here to sign immediately. I'll explain more details after that. We don't have much time.

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    Welcome game Legend Wars 2! All of life who God has created living and dying for their destiny. But it's occurred some exception. Some creatures get the will over their fate. The measurement micron. If someone record over the cutline 80 micron, will get the entrance qualification. Some heroes and great monsters are over extremely. Recently it's modified to low level because no one can enter as production unit. You're the first beneficiary on new cutline. Legend Wars is the battle over time and space that participant have to fight for getting the other's world. So All levels of world connected each other.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Legend Wars 2 android bug codes: you get an average of tier grade unit of the two units by a fusion when a probability of 20%. When Undead element attack to None, damage will maintain to 100 %. When Evil element attack to Energy, damage will decrease to 75 %. When Magical element attack to None, damage will decrease to 50%. With Fusion, you can get a new unit! When holy element attack to beast, damage will increase to 150%. You get a high tier grade unit than two unit with a 30% probability during fusion. It can be an effective battle by dominance between the units.

    Tips Legend Wars 2: Lizardmen are the cunning and cruel looters. They live in swamp, plunder the farmers and village
    without guards. The lizard born to big body, live in the swamp and attack to farm around. Farmer - If the farmer doesn't work in the field, even great warrior can't endure starving. Fox - The fox has high intelligence and quick movement. It's not a strong predator, but worth paying attention.

    how to enter hack cheats Legend Wars 2.

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