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    Hacked The Soul Intl android, ios

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    The Soul Intl android, ios hack codes

    Assassin (main weapon – twin swords) - When she was young, her parents were killed by bandits and she was saved by a group of soldiers who taught her the art of war. After years of training and mastering the art of using twin swords, she travels the lands to save another child from suffering her fate. This character deals powerful one-hit attacks and is recommended for players who have some EXP with the game.

    Warrior (main weapon – spear) - Born to a humble family, he dreams of becoming a hero. While proving his worth in the battlefield, he counters a mysterious army of immortals who destroy his unit. His own life is saved thanks to a Taoist priest. The priest teaches him ancient Taoist magic, and he sets out on a journey to find the Souls of heroes who can help him defeat Zhang Jue. This character is good for beginners with his high DEF ability and easy controls.

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    Welcome game The Soul Intl!100 years ago, Zhang Jue started the Yellow Turban Rebellion to overthrow a dynasty in an attempt to conquer the world, but the heroes from the Three Kingdoms thwarted his ambitions and he disappeared. But now, a hundred years later, Zhang Jue has returned from the dead to turn the souls of heroes into his henchmen and is trying once again to conquer the world. Several heroes stood up to the undead Zhang Jue on behalf of the corrupt court and powerless emperor, but they died trying to defeat the heroes being controlled by Zhang Jue. That's why us monks are looking for talented heroes like you. Please help us defeat Zhang Jue
    and save the world.

    Place your thumb on the bottom left corner of the screen to control your character. Tap the attack button on the bottom right of the screen to attack. Hold the button down to perform a combo with a powerful finishing move. Tap one of the skill buttons that surrounds the attack button to use a skill. Remember, skills consume spirit when you use them.You can obtain a lot of gold from fold expedition.

    Secrets cheat gameplay The Soul Intl android bug codes: You have activated Fever mode. Try it out!Push the fever button in the middle of the screen. Fever mode deals heavy damage to enemies for a short period of
    time and leaves them bleeding for additional damage. If you need more gold, try the gold expedition. Guild level increases by gaining experience through guild member donations. The game will start when you push the Enter
    button. During the arena, obtain various buff items that appear in the map to help your battle.

    Tips The Soul Intl: Your completion grade changes depending on how much time it takes you to complete the dungeon. If you have a lot of reward items, you can scroll side to side to see them. Touch the Soul button to open the Soul information window. The Create button will be activated if you have the Soul Pieces required to create a Soul, and the button will not be shown if you do not have enough Soul Pieces. You must equip the soul created to a soul skill slot in order to use it. When wearing Gear, the word Equipped will appear in the Soul Gear slot.

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