Nitro Nation Online
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    Wanna race? Ok, listen here: tap the gas pedal and keep the revs in the green zone. Shift up a gear when the tachometer needle is in the green zone. Welcome to Nitro Nation Online! You started your biggest drag racing adventure.

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    Not bad for a rookie! Be careful: your next opponent is driving a modded car. Install a few performance upgrades Nitro Nation Online to beat him (weight reduction, forced induction, engine, intake and exhaust, nitrous oxide, drivetrain, tires).

    Drag racing isn't always a nighttime activity. There is an unusued road section on the interstate - it is great to drive around in the daylight. Don't get blinded by the sun! Well..It looks like you're experienced enough to take part in street races against wannabes like yourself and junior IDRA members. The rules are simple: challenge a random racer, beat him to the finish line and claim the prize!
    Bluerprints let you build unique parts that outperform regular upgrades. You can also offer buerprints to other racers on the market or sell them instantly for gold tokens.

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