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    Hacked Constantine android, ios

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    • mightiest package — lokuyt;

    • relic chest — oiu8it;

    • conquest tickets — 5bn1mg;

    • gold — mmjiu7;

    • ruby — cdfret;

    • action points — Knde3w.

    Constantine android, ios hack codes

    Jusety. the continent without gods. When the gods perished in their war. destruction and chaos came to rule the world. Their spirits still roamed the land, turning it into a place where death thrived. The moon tribe, Moonshine, was released from its prison and began to murder the sun tribe. The sun tribe searched for the “ three of the beginning” and killed the god's evil spirit. The balance of the continent has been maintained. 300 years have passed since the “war of Purification”. The world was safe again and the people returned to living in peace. No one through of the memories of the gruesome war. But here were still those who prepared for a new return in secret. Just as the war has not ended...evil spirits appear again to cause in the world.

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    Welcome game Constantine! Nice to meet you, my name is cheat-on. I'll teach you more about the game's controls so you can get started. It won't take long, so pay attention. The left side of the screen is your movement panel. Use the attack and evade buttons to defeat the monsters. When you evade, you become invincible, so use it well. Now I'll teach you how to use skills. You can see that they go up. down, left and right. You do not touch these 4 icons. Skills activate when sliding in a direction on the right-hand section of the screen. Okay, now the last thing you need to know, summoning friends and rage mode.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Constantine android bug codes: Friend summons and rage mode can be used once per stage. You have to select a friend before you enter the dungeon to summon them. The action points depend on the friend's level, so make sure you select your friend well, according to difficulty. A gauge fills for every 10 combos you make. When the gauge is full the Rage mode button is enabled. If a minus sign appears during regular growth, you can decide not to use it. You can get a reward each achievement you complete. If you register friends you can summon them to the battle to get their help.

    Tips Constantine: Regular growth is possible up to 10 times. There's a chance to receive in-game funds or item draw tickets during exploration. Assassin – assassins use quick attacks and various tactical skills. They can use all two-handed techniques and overpower enemies easily. Warrior – warriors are the spearhead of an attack with their powerful strength and HP. They can freely wield large axes and hammers and charge at the enemy. Mages use their intelligence and magic to fight at range. They wield fire and ice and unleash deadly attacks.

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