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    Soulz Majesty android, ios hack codes

    You can also win the battle by defeating all enemies without occupying the enemy headquarter. The batles of Majestiaare so unique. You'll need to experience them yourself. Class Trait Effect will be activated during battle when you have many Heroes of the same Class in a deck. Let's talk about branches and the Attribute Relations. There are 3 branches in Majestia: Archers, Spearmen, and Riders. Branches will become important when the branch trait is activated. As you experienced from the previous stage, Riders can move 2 tiles with the branch trait, the attack range of Archers will be increased to 2 tiles, and Spearmen will be able to recover themselves with the branch trait. The 3 branches have Attribute Relations as you can see with the table. First, Archers with a long attack range are weak against Spearmen. Horses are afraid of spears, so Spearmen are strong against Riders. And Riders that have high mobility with the horses are strong against Archers.

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    Welcome game Soulz Majesty! Resources will be consumed when you dispatch cards on the battlefield. I never told you this before, but Riders are the only ones that can move diagonally in Majestia. Their, ability will increase when the branch trait is activated and they'll be able to move 2 tiles straight. The attack and the counterattack happen all at the same time during warfare in Majestia. The basic Attack Power will inflict half of the total military power. The Attack Power will be increased by 25% and the damage will be decreased accordingly when you have the attribute advantage.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Soulz Majesty android bug codes: The Mission Quest is made up of Basic Quests and Random Quests. New Quests will be given every 8 hours when you complete them all. Use the meteor to pierce through the enemies. You can create various decks with the Deck Manager. Your strategy will become stronger as you research more. Spearmen are weak against archers. Riders are strong against archers. Each soldiers is able to dispatch heroes to strengthen their abilities. There are 2 types of cards you can summon with in the battlefield: Soldier Card and Hero Card. Soldier Cards are the basic card of each branch and they're required to activate the branch trait. Hero Cards possess unique skills and play a major role in battles.

    Tips Soulz Majesty: End the turn to give the opponent the attack chance and watch their moves. The Holy Light will remove all harmful effects on all allies in the battlefield instantly. Archers are strong against Spearmen, Spearmen are strong against Riders, and Riders are strong against Archers. Missions will be sent from Majestia since your skills were proven with battles. Missions will help you grow as a great commander. You'll be able to collect rewards wen you complete missions. Hero souls are used to train heroes and are very important. Souls of 3 heroes are provided every day and the amount is limited. You can only use 1 altar at your-current Soul Level, but you'll be able to activate other altars as you level up. Training will require time but you can also instantly complete training. The Hero's battle ability increased with the training and you'll be able to check the remaining number of trainings required for the next promotion.

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