hacking Legend of Ixtona
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    Hacked Legend of Ixtona android, ios

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    Legend of Ixtona android, ios hack codes

    Please choose one of the four available classes in character creation: warrior, spellcaster, rover, acolyte. Prepare yourself before heading into battle. Battle prep includes equipping weapons, armors, and items. Also, changing classes and abilities, and managing unit deployment. The enemy can move to intercept and attack you. We'll find ourselves surrounded if we're not careful. Of course, we'll have to get closer to defeat them. But some kinds of terrain offer evasion bonuses. Try to move to those tiles whenever possible.

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    Welcome game Legend of Ixtona! Choose a unit to move and then choose their destination. Once you've confirmed that there is indeed a terrain bonus. Select that tile again or tap 'Confirm' to move. Press 'Confirm' after selecting a unit if you don't want to move them. Range of movement varies according to unit and movement type. Water type allows units to stop on water tiles. Types other than air can only move to an elevation within 1. After a unit moves, it can attack, use items, or wait. There are several ways you can attack enemy. For instance, you can perform a normal attack or use a skill.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Legend of Ixtona android bug codes: Selections in this game are made with a single tap. Press and hold down to see the description of a selection. Selects the game difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the stronger the enemies. Attacking with your weapon is about as single as it gets. The range of your attack will vary from weapon to weapon. Class differs from unit to unit. Level 4 will unlock the next class. Skills and abilities are learned with each increase in level. Once a skill is learned, it can be used with any class. Once an ability is learned, you can equip it with
    Ability. Up to 3 abilities can be equipped. Reaching level 7 of a class allows you to use that class's abilities even when they're not equipped. Change your abilities to match the challenges you face in battle.

    Tips Legend of Ixtona: Weapons with a range of 1 can only hit enemies adjacent to you. Weapons with higher ranges can hit from afar. Attack range is impaired by elevation, however. And it is reduced if elevation differs by 2 or more. Skills use MP to perform various techniques. You learn skills by raising your class level. You can also use SP to perform special moves and combo attacks. Once learned, a special move costs 100 SP to use. The effects of special moves vary from unit to unit. If an ally is nearby, you can do a combo if you both spend 50SP. Combo Attack appears if an ally with 50SP is within 2 tiles. When you move, allies with 50SP are highlighted in yellow. The enemy you attack is sure to counter attack if they're in range to do so. Avoid this by staying out of range or using certain skills. The same rules apply when enemies are attacking you. Heed my advice and show these enemies to an early grave!

    how to enter hack cheats Legend of Ixtona.

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