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    Hacked WitchSpring 2 android, ios

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    WitchSpring 2 android, ios hack codes

    In the beginning, there were gods. They granted miracles to humans, and humans worshiped them wholeheartedly. However, man's admiration towards the deities soon evolve into a desire for their power. Humans started war to seize the spring, the source of deities' power, from them. A new religion was founded. And humans started making miracles on their own, using the spring. Just as the deities did. Furthermore, they declare the surviving deities to be “demons”, hence, starting a witch hunt. Approximately 10 years from the Spring War...

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    Welcome game WitchSpring 2! Luna specializes in offensive magic. First, let's attack the warrior using magic! The moonstone is fully charged from using magic... All attack effectiveness gets doubled! Tap on the door below to exit the hideout! Touch the field to move Luna around. You may also enable Virtual Joystick mode from Settings menu. Tap on the magic pot to craft a new item from ingredients. Crafted items will help Luna's growth! You can train by tapping on certain items near the cave. You can sleep by tapping on the bed inside the cave. After a good nap, HP and MP will be fully restored. You can use items in the inventory by tapping on the inventory box inside the house.

    Secrets cheat gameplay WitchSpring 2 android bug codes: Moonstone wand – a wand that absorbs moonlight energy. The crescent moon-shaped stone on the wand is the medium that helps Luna use the magic power from the moonstone on her chest. Boosts magic effect by 100%. The sharp points can be used for physical attacks as well. Max Consecutive Attack Count - If this is greater than 2, number of weapon swings for physical attacks will increase up to the max consecutive attack count. You can increase the max consecutive attack count by completing certain quests. The maximum count you can reach is 6. Current max consecutive attack count is 1.

    Tips : you can see recipe for magic craft by tapping on the magic pot, or from the menu if you're out on field. Small golem that lives on the side of Mt. Kentz. Rock from its body can be used as a low-grade stone slab.

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