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    Astronest android, ios hack codes

    Story mode – the easier experience. Recommended for players who just want to explore environments and experience the story. Normal mode – the standard experience. Recommended for players who enjoy story and challenging stealth gameplay. Welcome, I am cheat-on, sent from the federation HQ to assist you. Recently, Neos which is an alliance of nations that discovered cosments. Declared war against the federation for its right to use Cosments freely for itself. Since Cosments are important to go further into the universe, so we need to strengthen our nation and participate the war to get Cosments.

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    Welcome game Astronest! Because you just got here, I suggest you establish the infrastructures first. Residential facility where residents live. Their taxes are essential resource for running the nation. Please appoint a planet minister who manages this planet. The minister improves the facilites performance significantly. It will be good to upgrade the mining facility for stable mineral income as well. Mineral is a crucial resource to build your buildings and fleets. You need Heroes to rule your nation more efficiently. The hero's leadership increases maximum ship capacity of the fleet. Produce ships as many as the hero can control.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Astronest android bug codes: The objective is investigating issues around the
    planetary system near your base. You probably already heard, but through investigation is needed regarding the recent unknown disappearance case. The reason this disappearance case is unusual is because unlike the previous cases, no traces of the fleet that has requested for rescue can be found. Citizens of planet Arc are feeling uneasy about this case. We need commander's through investigation! A distress signal has just came in. We don't know what's waiting us, so I advise you to send out your fleet first.

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