hacking Heroes of KimKom
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    Hacked Heroes of KimKom android, ios

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    Heroes of KimKom android, ios hack codes

    Priest of the Saikenryu, Kiyigama Mamoru, went on an expedition to central China. The first leader of the Saikenryu was resurrected via the body of Su Yambwer's second son, Shi Zhargi, by the priest at the night of a q-planet eclipse. Then the force of Saikenryu stop their invasion to Wulin of central China. Wulin heroes planed for a long time to defeat Saikenruy.

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    Welcome game Heroes of KimKom!I'm your beginner's instructor. As for why i'm here...Let's not worry about that right now. Use wangquing technique to recover your health. Swipe, and rotate your view of the beautiful battlefield. Deal more damage to get more coins in the glass tree event. Salvage a hero with at least 4 star rating to obtain soul coins. Salvage your equipment to obtain amnesia crystal ( used to refine your equipments). Don't worry about investing too much on it, because all the coins would be returned to you when you salvage it. For heroes of the same star level, more experience will provide greater SP.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Heroes of KimKom android bug codes: chances of obtaining 5 star hero is greatly improved with 10 consecutive draws. Obtain higher rankings in the arena to obtain better rewards. Hero upgrades will help raise basic attributes and unlock talents. 100% of the coins spent on equipment will be returned when the equipment is sold, melted down, or reincarnated. Hero upgrades will help raise basic attributes and unlock talents.
    Get hero shards: only heroes upgraded to +5 or above may be visited. Visiting heroes of higher levels will provide a greater chance of obtain more shards. Using wilderness news will not reduce the number of visitors.

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