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    Immortal Conquest android, ios hack codes

    Athens, one of the world's most ancient cities, is located here. It's said that the city is protected by the goddess of wisdom, Athena. The total cost for deployed generals in a troop cannot exceed the cost limit. People's belief in the gods has never changed not the era of peace. Seems to have been in the past... In order to complete for the continent, people need the help of the gods. The war may break out at any moment...People believe that Delphi is the center of the world. Only until it is occupied will the continent by fully unified. The continent is torn by the chaos of war. You must unify all states to achieve peace.

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    Welcome game Immortal Conquest! Almighty heroes come to the world, and a new legend of heroes will be created on his continent....Following the oracle, in heroes' blessing, to crate an enduring foundation. Your arrival coincides with the oracle's prediction! Save us from this unending crisis! Currently, many areas have been captured. There are still some defenders, but no commanders. At this moment, outside the city, a heavenly light was cast from the sky...The rear unit is the core of the army. Armies can only be built after selecting a hero for the rear unit. Remember! If the rear units is lost, so is the battle. Food is running out, and the situation will be tough if food is not replenished. It takes time to recruit soldiers. The more soldiers you need to recruit, the longer it will take.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Immortal Conquest android bug codes: The entire alliance will obtain additional resource income, if you can successfully siege a city. You will be victorious when the enemy's rear unit is eliminated. Heroes have attack range. Normal attacks are only effective against enemy heroes within the range. The central formation of enemy is 1 distant from you. The headquarter of enemy is distant from you. The more heroes deployed, the higher their total power will be. The center is the backbone of an army. Strong hero can enhance the strength of your troops in combination with the rear. You can cross narrow section of a river via connected lands, while a wider section can be crossed.

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