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    Civilization Revolution 2 android, ios hack codes

    In this short tutorial I will teach you basic game controls such as production, movement, research, and combat. Your task is simple: found a city, build a military unit, defeat a nearby Barbarian camp, and finally discover an Artifact. Settler, it is used to create new cities. Tap on settler button to have the settler found your Capital city. Great! Now that you have a city, tap this button to view the City Control menu. Alright, now let's start putting this city to good use. Tap on the "Warrior" listing to set it for production in this city. Notice that a single Warrior requires 10 hammers to produce
    and that this city is only generating 2 hammers each turn. This means it will take 5 turns for the city to spawn a Warrior.

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    Welcome game Civilization Revolution 2! In the options menu, you can save or load a game, quit to main menu, and view achievements. Within the Information menu, there is access to the Diplomacy page. City Report screens, and detail on Who's Winning. End turn - This button allows you to switch to the next Active Unit (by tapping the button) or to immediately End Turn (by dragging the button to the left). The number in the corner indicates how many active units are still available this turn. Tap this Technology to begin researching it. Your city is now producing a number of Science Beakers each turn, which go toward researching new Technologies.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Civilization Revolution 2 android bug codes: Unit Information panel - It shows the stats, promotions, and health of a selected unit. Special commands, such as this Fortify command or the settlers Found City command, are always located in the corners of the information panel. Tap the same tile again to confirm the movement and send your unit to that tile. To attack the Barbarians, tap on the Barbarian village to preview the combat information. Use the two finger spread gesture to view the list of buildings and great people in this city.

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