hacking Card of Legends
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    Hacked Card of Legends android, ios

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    • cool time off — HTksoi ;

    • lives — qGTodC ;

    • gold — QNdqUW ;

    • slot — Ywzmug ;

    • 5 star card — ght4re ;

    • unlimited steel — ykhGtL .

    Card of Legends android, ios hack codes

    Long ago the age when Orc dominated the world, human being almost became a slave and got killed by Orc. Both human civilizations and human city have been in existence for one hundred years. After a major war, 8 wizard have survived avoiding Orc's notice. In a deep, dark place wizards were waiting for the day of Karum when the influence of magic was strong. And Aillakum, the recall of a book was completed. When the sun, moon and stars appeared in the sky at once 8 wizards who found a sacred place have taken up fighting against Orc. As Aillakum, the recall of a book, had opened, Orc felt magical powers. They come crowding. It is time to fight. Endure waves of 1000 times and save the world...

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    Welcome game Card of Legends! This place makes you uncanny, but don't worry about it. Just follow the finger. You can be a master. The place is Action area. Open the card list, touching the card the finger points at. If you touch the Make button, you can make a step higher level card. Make a higher level card touching the card you just made. Make a new card touching Make button as before. Touch the card pointed at and make a more higher level card. Now you made a 3-star card. You can also level up other cards keeping on making as this way. By the way, the highest card is a 5-star card. If you make all cards to 5-star cards, you will be invincible. Cards will be provided for free. Just make cards without worrying.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Card of Legends android bug codes: The inventory keeps cards besides cards in Action area. You can use cards from the inventory and make them any time. The shop is the place in which you can buy cards with Steel you can get every time when you kill enemies. Lastly, you can see the information on the top. Pay attention to the heart mark. If mark shows 0, game will be finished. When enemies cards pass through all attacks, the number of heart will be decreased. Don't let up on upgrading cards. You can learn other information as time passes naturally, so you don't need to be quick-tempered. If you remember what I have told you, it's not difficult. You can match with other players from level 3 so you should do it!.

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