hacking Kung Fu Pets
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    Hacked Kung Fu Pets android, ios

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    Kung Fu Pets android, ios hack codes

    Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Xiaolin, lived pets who mastered the mystical power of kung fu. They trained hard, ate delicious meals, and summoned mystical beings. All under the guidance of grandmaster Chen. All was peaceful, until one day... an uninvited guest disrupted the peace of Xiaolin. A long and weary war waged on, and ended with the noble sacrifice of the Kung fu pets. 1000 years have passed since then...

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    Welcome game Kung Fu Pets! You've come from so far, you must be quite extraordinary. Tap the kung fu ball inside the lotus flower. Thank you for freeing me from this thousand year old seal! I'm Cheat-on, the Grandmaster of the Xiaolin continent. You have my deepest gratitude, and in return , i'd like to show you around. The mountains of Xiaolin are just as beautiful as they were. Nothing has changed, since everything was sealed. Looks like I'm the first one up. If we work together, we can rebuild Xiaolin as the glorious civilization it once was!
    Campaign - Play against computer controlled characters. The objective is to kill all characters as fast as possible. You will gain experience and coins to further develop your character.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Kung Fu Pets android bug codes: summon a pet with contrasting strengths by using pets with mixed strengths. Lizard - The Forest Lizard lives deep within a lush, beautiful forest where he perfects his stats techniques day and night. However, he'd have more friends if It weren't for his big ego. Forest - The Kung Fu Pets of Xiaolin live In homes that are perfectly suited towards their elements. The Forest Kung Fu Pets, who are quick and nimble, are known to take advantage of the many hiding spots In the Forest. Earth - The village elders demanded a
    comfortable space in which they could rest, a place of earth and peace, to feel a better connection with nature. Not bad, right?

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