hacking Goddess Arena
  • Cheats, hack Goddess Arena: diamond summoning, gold chest, vip, soul, energy stone, essence, stamina. Hacked game Goddess Arena bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Goddess Arena android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
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    • essence — HTksoi ;

    • energy stone — qGTodC ;

    • soul pieces — QNdqUW ;

    • vip status — ghTmug ;

    • gold chest — er44re ;

    • diamond summoning — ykhGtL .

    Goddess Arena android, ios hack codes

    Along time ago goddesses created a magical world called Ellan. Where all races lived together, and had a peaceful life. Until one day the devil invaded the area. In order to protect their homeland their only choice was to fight back.
    Human territory Agovan plain. I am the soul keeper of the angel race. This is the first time I have set foot in human territory. These heroines who were once believed to be the most vulnerable. Bearing my last hope now. I hope as the rumors said, they did escape from the seal. The last summoners, human master heroines.

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    Welcome game Goddess Arena! Freedom wing - Believe freedom, unrestrained freedom wing. Establised by Kaan dukedom queen Esniada, has the most followers But due to it's principle, followers connection are very loose When devil invade, most freedom wing followers choose to action alone. They are unruly like wind, but fight endlessly for their freedom in mind.
    Wisdom heart - Believe wisdom, wisdom heart seek truth Establish by archimage Soldana. is a wisdom believe and truth seek research organization, through thousand years develop, became belief of mage and scholar Wisdom heart has the least follower, but has the most influence. Most invention in Elian world are from wisdom heart Devil invade provide new material for these researcher, but also bring them crysis. Through deep thinking, wisdom heart join the rank of devil resistance.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Goddess Arena android bug codes: guardian might - Believe power, guardian might obey virtue. Belief of protect establish by first knight Sophiah , followers only less than freedom wing, seek power but obey virtue No matter protect someone, somewhere or something, as long as who has a protecting mind, the guardian might will accept him. Face devil invade, guardian might became backbone of resistance No matter what they protect, they think any devil who ruin the Elian world, all must eradicate. Add every new card you get to your deck. The number in the upper left corner means the amount of energy the card needs. The number in the lower left corner means the card's attack force. Sword shield shows the physical attack. (There are physical and magic attacks and corresponding defendences)

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