hacking Fable Of Fantasy
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    Hacked Fable Of Fantasy android, ios

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    Fable Of Fantasy android, ios hack codes

    Synopsis: Coon is the last survivor of the kingdom of the Sibelon. He attacks enemies with huge sword and can also block them with shield. He is balanced type to survive. Xiana is little mage who can control all the elements. Her magic gives enormous damage to wide field. However she is weak at short distance fight and also she is slow. Noo – is the archery who helps Coon's journey to find Eternal armor and defeat the dark emperor. She never misses enemies. She is specialized at attacking one enemy with enormous damage.

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    Welcome game Fable Of Fantasy! The great empire Sibelon was protected by sacred Eternal armor for hundreds of years. But the brighter light shines, the darker shadow cast. Disease, who is the dark emperor, betrayed the king and started to encroach and rule the empire Sibelon. Finally Sibelon was swallowed by Disease.
    Let's learn about basic control of the hero. Use joy stick to move. Touch attack icon to hunt monsters. Every skill has different range and effects. Use any skill you want to use to drive them away. Daily rewards are being refreshed once a month. The stronger hero becomes, the stronger transformer becomes.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Fable Of Fantasy android bug codes: Use different hero's skills on each different situation to win. You can get piece of merc or complete merc in certain chance. In 11 time summon, you can always get one complete merc. Team management has 4 functions: hero, merc, transformer, equipment. When you have enough pieces of merc, you can rebirth it. You can edit your team in team tap. Hero fight against enemies automatically. Passive team gives buff when you put additional character in here. They can also get experience too. Try transform to break through enemies. Merc can equip any equips but heroes can only equip their class's equipment.

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