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    Pocket Heroes android, ios hack codes

    Tap hero and then draw a line to anywhere in order to issue a move command. Draw a line to the enemy to issue an attack command. Tap the icon in the upper left corner of the screen to use an ability. You can use the same method to use any hero's spells. By learning new talents, you can promote your heroes into more powerful heroes. The toughest heroes should be used to shield the more vulnerable heroes. You can drag to move a hero under AI control. Upgrade equipment with coins. You can buy and sell gear in the shop.

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    Welcome game Pocket Heroes! You will get a chance to refresh shop for free every few minutes. If you allow priest, she can automatically heal the most injured ally. That way you can concentration on fighting. First, tap the pause button in the top right corner of the screen. Then tap the status button beneath priest avatar. And tap the back button to continue your quest. Priest will automatically heal, move and cast spells, but you can still command them. Share your feats on facebook to receive rewards. Heroes have different casting rates. You must wait a while before using it again.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Pocket Heroes android bug codes: the priestess can heal allies. The toughest heroes should be used to shield the more vulnerable heroes. Eric – was the former commander of the royal guard. Best known for protecting his bretheren by taking hits for them. “i live for the kingdom, and I would die for the kingdom.” Konor – the youngest of Merlin's apprentices. Konor rarely takes off his hat. Rumour has it that he's concealing a lightning shared scar. Marcus – as a master theif, Marcus rose to power by spying and blackmailing. But also shows great spell with a balde. When you've collected 5 goblin coins, spin the lucky wheel for a chance to win rare items.

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