Infinite Myths 2 Soul Lords
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    Welcome to the Summoners World, let's start the adventure! The higher your ladder reputation the more diamonds you receive daily. tap to start the batle: easy (win the battle), normal (all enemy cards defeated), hard (win with 3 rounds)

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    The God of Sky - "Lightnings will destroy everyone on the way." Hero skill - Lightning: inflicts 210 damage to random enemy card. Awakened cards have higher attributes and more powerful skills. If an opposite spot has not card, a hero Infinite Myths 2 Soul Lords will be attacked automaticaly! Update cards to level 5 to unlock new abilities which will help you to defeat the enemy.
    Altar is the place where you can earn quality cards! Gold amount depends on player level, location stars, amount of friends. Upgrade vip Infinite Myths 2 Soul Lords and get force levy opportunities.
    Gold summoning is the main way to spend gold and earn material cards for enhancement

    cheats, hacks for Infinite Myths 2 Soul Lords

    • cvKBtA - double hit;
    • c5pSpA - cheats: cleave;
    • N7kAfM - blood suck;
    • rrVNs3 - 4 star purple plus card;
    • Wgmauk - autority;
    • g05rJF - Hero hp;
    • 7DiUUU - gold;
    • Mm5pUU - hero soul;
    • ittN65 - hack: diamond;
    • itfseg5 - runes;
    • ima76K - vip exclusive summoning;
    • gmAfMK - unlimited stamina;

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