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  • Cheats, hack Castle of Burn: gold, vip, crystals, unlimited life, offline, rare items, materials. Hacked game Castle of Burn bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Castle of Burn android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack materials - ulnRg1 ;

    • rare items — q4Yl4K ;

    • offline — BOb4ef ;

    • vip status — wd6m4u ;

    • unlimited life — bB2Zs2 ;

    • gold — NCXmAj ;

    • crystal — F4ZrHo .

    Castle of Burn android, ios hack codes

    Princesses Rena, Bluea, and Elsa were the sisters and the best friends. The eldest sister Rena has a cesret, which she could not tell to her sisters. She turns unto a dragon without knowing and destroy everything around her. Rena left the kingdom because she was afraid of her uncontrollable power. Blue and Elsa go on a fantastic journey to lift the curst of an eternal flame over the kingdom.

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    Welcome game Castle of Burn! Lock icon displays when certain actions, such as tap movement, are temporarily disabled. Defeat all enemies to unlock the door and continue the adventure! Enemies drop experience orbs, collect these to level up. You may tap the door to continue or simply wait for the countdown. Enemies and breakable objects often drop items. Click the menu tab to expand your inventory. You can drag items into the far right column for quick access. Grab the health potion and tap its icon once to heal. You can drink these automatically when your health drops below 25% by activating icon.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Castle of Burn android gameplay: some monsters cannot be killed but they disappear by themselves. Poison reduces a certain amount of remaining health. You can wear consumable items, which you purchase from a shop, at an inventory. When you are caught by spider web, you can escape quicker by pressing left and right. Tap anywhere to attack! You can also attack automatically. Tap the sword icon to toggle auto-attack on or off. Simply tap the + button next to an attribute to upgrade it. You may do this once for each point available.

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