hacking Astral Stairways
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    Hacked Astral Stairways android, ios

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    Astral Stairways android, ios hack codes

    On behalf the 800 deities of Kaleido world, Sakina express our most sincere gratitude to you... You are the astral path. You have been reincarnated to save the Kaleido world, where my avatar oversees. And so, you have to climb the astral stairways again, it is going to be difficult. Regrettably, there is no other way. I, cheat-on, do solemnly swear, I will assist you to climb to the top of the astral stairways with all my heart, to thank you for saving Kaleido world. The destiny of Kaleido world and the 800 worlds are all in your hands. Starblade hero!

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    Welcome game Astral Stairways! Agani – great hearted, righteous, Agani sees protecting astral travellers as his duty. As the power of fire grows immensely, Agani is getting more confident of his power. Apasi – having gree eyes is her unique feature. True form of water spirit. Controls water with the will of ocean. Apasi compresses the sea into the deep blue arrow, piercing every unholy being of the world. Niohoggr – as a descendant of dragonkin, Niohoggr protects Agani and Apasi. He sees recovery of the dragonkin state his reason to live.
    To increase a follower's experience, you need to synthesize the follower. Then select the followers you would like to use as synthesizing material. You may select up to 5 followers as material. Be aware that the followers used as material are consumed. If the followers used as material have the same ultimate move, there is a chance for your followers to upgrade their ultimate move. As long as you have enough money, you may synthesize the followers.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Astral Stairways android codes: during battle, hold a character to see his or her ultimate, terrain skill and move to a different position. Click the astral gate to enter the worlds within the astral realm. Normally a quest has a few missions, it gets harder as you progress! Before every battle, you may select an ally to fight with you. You can also earn friendship points in the process. Got stuck in a quest? Pay attention to when the alien imps appear! The level of the characters is the key to victory! Hold down to lift the character change formation by moving them. Defeat event bosses for a chance of receiving strong characters. The fastest way to increase your follower's power is by synthesize. The icons of the required evolution materials are highlighted if you have them. With all the materials collected you may begin the evolution. Of course you need to have the required amount of money to proceed.

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