seven knights
  • Cheats, hacks: gold, rank up, level up, ruby, topaz, global coupon, tier, promo code. Hacking game seven knights android.

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    Letter cheats and codes.

    Cheats seven knights android

      List of letter codes in the hacking game:

    • collect 5 different types of elements to rank up - iHdwSG ( earth, light, water, dark, fire);

    • Gold - yaAjrq;

    • Hidher rank armor, weapon - e2bzwa;

    • Exp gain - 1lccxR;

    • Fuse - BMBnwH;

    • 5 star item set - cNMhzv;

    • ruby - qrvIf7;

    • topaz - lrNt00;

    • coupon - 0xqBw7;

    • global coupon - dQY9Yv;

    • tier - BpcnOF;

    • seven knights promo code - NZyBT8;

    • how to reset game - mjdzcY;

    • level up - EkdIMG;

    seven knights android

    The God of Destruction divided his power into twelve pieces, and distributed it to twelve chosen leaders on earth. Among them, Seven were chosen in the land of Asgard. Their deadly powers threatened each other, and war seemed to be inevitable.

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    Goddess Ellena tok pity upon the world seven knights and decided to end the war by selecting a boy deemed worthy, and bestowed her own powers to him hidden deep in his consciousness in order to prevent misuse. After finding out about his adopted past, Evan, the son of a general, embarks on an adventure to search for his real parents, along with a necklace given to him by his birth parents as the only clue.

    During his adventure, Evan came across a town seven knights after it was ravaged by the goblins, and rescued a girl named Karin from danger. After losing both her parents to the goblin raids, Karin decides to leave her town to start her own adventure alongside Evan.

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