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    It was just another day at the office. I was working on my greatest invention: Harold, the highly intelligetn automation. Baxter, my assistant and a loyal driend came by to make himself useful when suddenly...When I woke up, Harold was gone. I began to look through the security footage...I watched in utter dismay as I recocgnized the figure on the screen, doctor Gunderson! The infamous mad scientist! What would be want of Harold?
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    Welcome game Island Delta! I told Baxter what had transpired and we geared up with a cuple of Grav-i- ray's. I was able to pinpoint Harold's location to a remote and desolate island just before his tracking chip went dead. After a round 20 hour ride, we finally arrived. We have to move quick as I have a feeling time is running out...So this is it, Gunderson's hideout! It looks heavily guarded. Good thing we took the Grav-i-ray's with us! Just point and shoot the things you want to pick up. You can then throw the object anywhere.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Island Delta android codes: slide your finger to move the character. Drag the crosshair to the target and don't touch the skulls. Collect all the databanks you can find to unclock levels. Pick up objects by tapping them. When carrying an object, you can tap the bubble to drop it. Throw a fuel barrel at the door to break it. When throwing enemies around, they are also shot with force. You can rig fuel tank with a detonator to blow it up. Most maps save your progress around midpoint. Some workers panic or raise alarm if they spot you.

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