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    Heroes Evolved android, ios hack codes

    Hey there player, welcome to new android game! Are you ready? The battle's about to start. Use the recommended touch controls to play. It's oretty easy! Your left hand controls the joystick. Your right hand controls your attacks. Kill enemy troops and heroes and destroy enemy buildings to get gold. Gold is used to buy gear to make your heroes more powerful. Buy gear to increase the number of stars. More stars means you have better gear. Hold down and drag the joystick to move your heroes. Follow the arrow to reach our target destination.

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    Welcome game Heroes Evolved! Tap your basic attack and destroy enemy. Double blow – deals physical damage to target, and stuns. Pick up the pace, generating a double to attack the target in tandem, stunning it briefly. Unstoppable force – leaps to the target area, inflicting physical damage. A thunderous blow that damages all enemies in a target area. This ability also dispels any control effects on Guan Yu. Crescent blade – it deals heavy damage within 5 seconds to enemies in range. Killing troops earned you a lot of gold. Use it to buy some new gear. Enemy heroes are charging towards us with their troops. Tap last hit to prioritize picking off weak troops. Tap the gear icon. Trigger your gear's active ability. Use your gear abilities wisely and victory will always be within your grasp.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Heroes Evolved android codes: use heal to recover health. Heal yourself when you get hurt. Healing can be interrupted. Destroy enemy towers fist, then you can attack the enemy's Aegis. Destroy their Aegis to claim victory. Level up to get more rewards. Unlock new heroes in the store. Progress in the game by completing quests and events, geeting more gold, and unlocking even more heroes. Press and hold the ability icons to learn more about your hero's abilities. Know thyself, know they enemy! Studying hero abilities is the key to success! Move out of range of the enemy tower.

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