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    Storm Fantasy android, ios hack codes

    The golden relic and new Bello stopped the Sin force from destroying the world. They red eye princess and the lost kingdom were only to be found in the history. But people should never forget, that when the scarlet moon and the Guilty lord revived, the dark will fall again.
    Gear of fate begins to turn. The confrontation between magic and machine will flicker a spark. Lord of Sins will wreck harvoc over the world! Warrior, it's time to wake up!

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    Welcome game Storm Fantasy! Wizard - Mages are from a clan of an age of lost magic, with ancient runes carved in their pupils, gently chant a curse, snowy winds will overturn the heavens... Boxer – Fist Fighter awakens a collision of nature and magic, has a strong physique, an extraordinary magic spirit, the huge focused magic fist will smash the earth to bits! Gunner - Gunslinger studied the Mechanics Institute, regarded as the kingdom's most powerful guards, her feats are agile and precise.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Storm Fantasy android codes: items needed to make breakthrough for 100% mount. 6 gems of the same level can be forget into 1 gem of higher level. Hive - A large number or bees are crawfing on the big hive. They wil attack the enemies whose HP is the lowest and they car also bile you! When you destroy all enemies in each floor of the Maze, you will earn tons of gold as reward. Mushroom village - The inner mushroom has been occupied by a group of blue creatures, it seems lite they have hoarded a kit of food there. You can feed Gumballs out of the maze to enhance attribute.

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