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    Dragon Knights android, ios hack codes

    The Midros Continent fell into the hands of the devils. The king of devils, Baal, waged a great war in Midros, and in response, Emperor Ranfael sent his best fighters: the Winterok, Bichel, and the Dragon Knights. The knights succeeded in defeating the devils, but... The Dragon knights were betrayed by the Winterok and Bichel knights who vied for the throne, and the only surviving dragon, Lunevka, disappeared holding a deep grudge against the humans. Midros fell into destruction at its own hands, the continent fighting itself over territory.
    The war against each other ended with no victory while the devils prepared for their second invasion. Now it's up to you to save the world against the devils by reviving the dragon knights.

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    Welcome game Dragon Knights! My name's cheat-on and i'm here to help you get started! First off, I'll give you a short history lesson. There have been countless wars even after the war against the devils in the kingdom. The remaining dark creatures are still causing problems, and the devils who have returned to their world have also started potting to come back. That's why royal court has called on the great heroes to protect the kingdom. Tap the buildings in the village to use specific functions. More buildings will become available as you go on. The menu on the bottom shows the hero's skills and the skill's status. You'll be able to use the skill when the skill icon is activated in blue.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dragon Knights android codes: energy – you use this to enter normal dungeons and to fight in the tower of heroes. Stamina – you use this to fight in the arena, or to battle against the giant bosses and the world bosses. You can get heroic equipment designs and materials from the tower of heroes. Let's take a look at the gauge above the hero's head first. The red bar shows the hero's HP, and the hero will be taken out of battle once it goes down to 0. The blue bar shows the hero's MP. It's used up when the hero uses skills. The green bar shows the hero's energy. The hero will be able to attack when the gauge becomes full. You can't use skills when you run out of MP or when the skill is undergoing cooltime.

    Tips Dragon Knights: you'll get a combo and inflict great damage if you tap on the skill button when it's activated in orange. You can also use auto mode to battle. The auto mode uses skills to attack automatically. Turn off the auto mode if you'd rather use the skills yourself. You can craft the item using the design and the required materials. Designs and materials are available in dungeons. You can refine your equipment at the smithy through power ups, crafting, and destroying. Equipment grades range from normal, advanced, rare, heroic to legendary. Rare equipment and better can be acquired through crafting. Rare designs and materials are available from normal dungeons and the giant bosses. Heroic designs and materials available from the tower of heroes.

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