Animal restaurant bug issue
  • Animal restaurant - bug issues.

    1. My save sata is different after switching devices. What should i do? If you are using two different devices at the same time, you can first tap save to cloud on the device with the higher rating, then switch to the other device and download from the cloud. After that, your progress will be synced!

    2. I lost my save data. What should i do? To prevent losing save data, we recommend manually saving your current progress often via: settings - save to cloud - upload. Before the save file is synced, avoid removing the mini program, switching devices, or uninstalling the app.

    3. Why does my game have no sound? If the volume for both your phone and the game are turned up but there's still no sound, you can try restarting and entering the game again to fix the issue. If the issue remains for a long period of time, please contact support for help.

    4. Why won't my friend rankings/ world rankings refresh? We understand you want to pay close attention to your restaurant's rankings! The rankings may be a little bit delayed. Try exiting the rankings screen, then checking again after several minutes. If your restaurant makes the Mew-chelin Rankings, don't forget to share with your friends.

    5. How use hack Animal restaurant cheat codes

    6. Why are the stars on the rankings and my stars different? Don't worry! The rankings may be a little bit delayed. They will sync up in a moment. Just wait and see.
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