Grand summoners about the arena
  • Grand summoners about the arena

    In the arena, you can fight arena battles. In arena battles, you fight other players to see who has the strongest party! Your adversary in these battles is another players' party data. Arena battles consume one arena orb. Arena orbs regenerate 1 every 30 minutes. You can also refill your stock using crystal in the shop. Winning arena battles can get you rewards for class promotion, ranking and more.

    Masters Ranking: the rankings are divided into weekly, based on performance for the week, and overall rankings which tracks all battle results from the beginning. Ranking change based on the MBP earned from battles. Weekly rankings are figured from monday 1:00 to Subday 23:59 PST/PDT.

    Overall rankings: are figured for every player who has joined a masters battle. The Overall ranking is based on total MBP earned from the Arena opening to the present. You displays players ranked above and below the player's rank. Friends displays your friend's ranking. Top displays the ranking's top 30 players. Rankings or ranking MBP can take time to calculate so sometimes displays do not reflect current rank.

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    The arena opens on the following rotation: every monday at 1:00 PST/PDT. close every Sunday at 23:59 PST/ PDT.

    Promotion/ demotion: fighters: you can move up a class by gathering the right number of badges, but if you lose when you have 0 badges you move down a class. Masters: this is a ranking system based on MBP (masters battle points). If you do not join a single battle during the arena open period, you will drop down to fighters SS.

    Total rena rewards: you can get various rewards based on your total arena battle wins. You'll also get a success reward of 5 crystals when you reach 300 victories. However, when the total wins reaches a multiple of 300 rewards will be from the following: crystals, alchemy stones, and etc.

    Grand summoners arena rewards

    Victory to earn you gold medals and alch stones. You get gren even if you lose. When you advance from beginners to fighters, you can get a class promotion reward. It's a whopping 10 crystals. You can earn gold medals for winning in the arena, and for increasing you masters ranking. Exchange gold medals in the arena exchange.
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