Call of Antia Naya Stones
  • Call of Antia mana and Healing Naya Stones wiki.

    What are Healing Naya Stones?
    You can obtain them by breaking objects (Pots, Oak Barrels, etc.) or casting certain Chattingdale Heroes' skills.

    When matched, it recovers 10% HP for a random hero and adjacent heroes every turn for 3 turns.

    What are Mana Naya Stones?
    You can obtain them by breaking objects (Pots, Oak Barrels, etc.) or by casting certain Antide heroes' skills.

    When matched, it recovers 10 mana for a random hero and adjacent heroes. If it's an Antide hero you will recover 5 extra mana.

    Note: Naya Mana Stones can't be matched by tapping. They can be dragged to match with Blue Naya Stones, and can be eliminated by Naya Chargers and Naya Blasters.
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    Can I cultivate a dragon in game? You can cultivate your dragon, who will be one of your strongest partners in combats.
    Their skills can deal damage, do healing, grant Buffs to your heroes and Debuffs to enemies.

    What are Buffs and Debuffs? The terms buff and debuff are commonly used to describe status effects. Some spells or powers may debuff an enemy while buffing an ally at the same time.
    - Buffs are positive status effects that affects heroes.
    - Debuffs are effects that may negatively impact player heroes or non-player heroes in some way.
    Please note that Buffs, Debuffs and Effects are shown at the bottom of the affected Heroes' avatars for the duration of their effects. Players can view their duration by pressing on the relevant Heroes.

    Call of Antia The difficulty of the levels/stages is too hard.

    You may find the enemies' strength will become stronger after Chapter 5 or Chapter 6. We believe that with a little preparation????️, you can definitely defeat them! Always use a stronger element to counter the weaker one and upgrading your heroes to improve power will help you win the game.

    Here are some tips that may help you complete the levels/stages.
    - Upgrade your heroes, runes, and weapons. As they level up, your power will also increase a lot????.

    - Changing your team according to your enemy's skill will improve your chances of winning.

    - Upgrade your dragons. You can unlock powerful skills for them once they have ascended a certain level.

    - Join our official community to learn from other players.
    You can also share your experiences with them and learn something new! (Exit this page and tap the “Community” button in the bottom right corner to find ways to join us.)

    Call of Antia What can I get from the shop?

    Daily shopHero shopArena shopWeapon shopHonor shop
    You can refresh the items in the shop with gems .
    - In the daily shop and the arena shop, you can get training materials, heroes and dragon ascension items, weapon upgrade items, and dragon shards .
    - In the weapon shop, you can get upgrade materials, weapon parts, 4-star and 5-star weapons .
    - The honor shop provides you with weapon materials, exp potion, and ascension items .
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