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    Alteration is a function for transforming parts into a new part of the same level and rarity. By spending the necessary parts and items, you can transform parts into ones with new abilities and stats. Please note that Parts cannot be reverted to their previous state once they have been altered.

    Items tutorial:
    There are various types of items. Press and hold an icon on the list to show that item’s details. Icons like “ALL” on the top-left of said icons displays the type of parts this item can be used on.

    Sub Slots - Slots that are unlocked when a part’s rarity reaches 6★, allowing you to further add parts. By equipping sub parts to sub slots, you can increase the parameters of main parts and freely combine two parts’ Visuals and capabilities.

    In the event you want to use a part already equipped to a sub slot on another Gunpla build, you can simply unequip it from its sub slot.

    *EXP and Proficiency will only be added to main parts.
    *Event boosts will only be applied to main parts.

    ■How to Set Sub Slots wiki:
    1. Tune up a main part to 6★.
    2. Have a sub part that matches the main part’s type (weapon category).
    3. Tap the main part’s sub slot and equip the sub part.

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    Increasing Parameters tutorial:
    A main part’s parameters will increase depending on the parameters and upgrades of the sub part you equip.
    Furthermore, if your main and sub parts fulfill the following conditions, there will be an additional bonus to the parameter increase rate.

    ・The Gunpla name matches.
    ・The word tag matches.
    ・The scale is different. (Ex: 1/144 parts equipped to 1/100 parts.)
    *SD parts will be considered the same as 1/144 parts.

    Changing Visuals:
    You can choose either the main or sub part’s Visuals.
    *In the event that both parts have EX Skills, only the EX Skills from the selected Visual part can be used.

    Exchanging Part Traits/EX Skills:
    You can select one of the part traits and EX Skills of your main and sub parts.
    *Only EX Skills from the chosen Visual part can be selected

    Gundam breaker mobile Editing Word Tags wiki:

    You can choose 2 of the 4 word tags available from your main and sub parts to set to your main part.
    *You cannot set 2 of the same word tag.With a 7★ part, you will be able to choose the “Different Attribute Part” word tag as a word tag edit option.
    *You must possess the part with a different attribute.
    *Even if a part is sold or used as an upgrade material, you can continue to use the same word tag.

    Using Integrated Parts tutorial:
    Using integrated parts as main or sub parts will affect some settings.
    ・Parameter Increase Rate
    You will receive a greater bonus when using an integrated part as a main part.

    You will receive a smaller increase than normal when using an integrated part as a sub part.

    Some integrated parts can change your Visuals. Your shield may remain or disappear depending on the part.
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